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Creating a Static Site with Hugo - Part Two

In part one I explained how I created this site, using the Hugo Static Site Generator, stored the files on GitHub and deployed the site using Netlify. In this post i’ll explain how I added more functionality to the blog including responsive images and comments. I’ll also discuss the CMS i’m using to make content creation easier.

Creating a Static Site with Hugo

Last post I explained that i’m moving this blog from Wordpress to the “JAMstack” by using a set of technologies to build and deploy a static site. The first of those is a Static Site Generator and in this post i’ll describe how I got things up and running.

Moving to the Jamstack

I mentioned last post that i’m taking this renewed interest in blogging as an opportunity to migrate to a different platform and learn some new skills. I’ve lost no love for Wordpress but, in aiming to have a clearer focus on personal projects, and with my growing interest in learning modern web technologies, I feel this blog is a good place to start.

Plans for the blog

It’s surprising to realise that I haven’t blogged for three years. So much has happened in that time, personally and professionally, that my online presence here has taken a backseat. Although i’m busier than ever, the current state of self-isolation means that - when I do have free time - i’m thinking about all the projects i’d like to do.

2017: The Best Bits

In a year book-ended by illness and pain, it’s best to focus on happier memories and look forward to starting afresh next year. Happy New Year everyone x

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car (2016)

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a short but powerful little visual novel about two strangers running from the the zombie apocalypse. Created over the course of four days by indie trio Lox Rain, the game never leaves the confines of the used car speeding down the highway but manages to cleverly weave around the characters’ stories as they talk about where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

Vegan and Counting

In this last year i’ve found myself feeling increasingly unhealthy and, come the end of summer, I was ready for some kind of detox. I made the decision to radically change my diet and I’ve been following a plant-based diet now for what will be nine weeks on Sunday. In other words, i’ve gone vegan. There’s a couple of things to get out of the way first: I’m still learning and I still have a lot to learn about the vegan lifestyle.

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Thinking Happy Thoughts

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m starting over again, brick by tiny brick. This last year has been a difficult one for both of us: we’ve had to weather some extreme storms and it feels like we’re only just now coming out the other side, but not altogether unscathed. In all honesty, I reached breaking point a month ago and it really scared me. I’m not Mr Glass Half Full but I have a base level of optimism that normally sees me through.

Me & My #Bujo: March Review

I’m back after a social media detox with, as promised, an update on my first attempt at Bullet Journaling. Fair warning: this is my plain vanilla work #bujo so it’s a pretty banal example. It’s the no-frills poor cousin of the creative personal #bujo i’ll be starting later this month so it’s intentionally functional and not at all pretty - but let’s not hold that against it!

Plans and Procrastinations

During breakfast yesterday I happened to mention to Lizzie that I didn’t understand Bullet Journals, and so began a long, animated discussion about what they are, how they work and explanations of examples from Lizzie’s own Bullet Journal. From there I spent the rest of the day researching different styles and approaches. Needless to say I was SUPER EXCITED about the possibilities for organisation.. while I think Lizzie ultimately got fed up that I was spending all day on YouTube and Wordpress.