Guest Post: Escaping Evil by Revis Edgewater

Talented writer Revis Edgewater from 33 Grams of Blog leaves us spellbound this week with an original story based on a quote from my all time favourite book. This is his second part of our Cheer Pepper collaboration - the first can be found on his blog here. “On the sea he wished to meet it, if meet it he must. He was not sure why this was, yet he had a terror of meeting the thing again on dry land.

The Veil of Light

Anyone looking at Marlowe’s Pride had to think that Marlowe was either short- sighted or very forgiving. With a battered hull only a mother could love, the little trawler cowered low behind the flagstones of Owenstown harbour, sneaking a random peek over the harbour wall as it bobbed gently in the shallow waters. Most of the larger vessels had been grounded for the down season, while the lighter craft like the Marlowe touted their wares for the sightseeing crowd.

The Journey

I see them scurry and flee. They race past me, sometimes crossing paths, at other times following in the wake of another. Each one a little protective cocoon battling against the overwhelming force of the steel giant as it carves a path through them. With my cheek pressed against the window it seems that they’re rushing towards me, the little droplets of rain water, desperate to escape the destination for which I’m headed.

The Blue Mariner

A reinvention of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Brave Tin Soldier”  The salvage vessel ‘Blue Mariner’ eased gently into the docking port of the orbiting Eoli mining station. Whining turbines spun into life as recycled air was pumped into the airlock, re-pressurising the umbilical corridor. After a few moments the noise subsided and the outer hull door slid open. Captain Nathan Lambeth clambered out of the airlock, grinning from ear to ear.


FADE IN: EXT. DENSE FOREST - DAY Dense foliage obscures the view. In the distance we hear: LAUGHTER getting closer. The foliage is pulled aside to reveal the face of MARCUS (15). He stops laughing and stares ahead with a look of awe. SIMON (10) pushes into view beside him, also laughing. He stops and also stares, his mouth open. SIMON Woah! EXT. DENSE FOREST -DAY SIMON and MARCUS stand at the top of a slight decline at the edge of the forest.

Skimming Stones

A brooding shadow picks its way towards a taunting shore Probing, shuffling amongst foreign travellers Pale-faced and weary Abandoned by the receding light Unsteady footsteps upset sleeping waters Tendrils of sea-green snare bare ankles Arriving in sandalled feet to a chorus of rumbling laughter Sunken eyes gleam in the moonlight, observing, appreciating A face, smooth and rounded, His mottled and worn Old faces both, weighted with history Stiff limbs support an outstretched hand, reaching For the handful, tear-shaped Held, tightly clasped in trembling hands He feels no warmth This rounded pebble A final reassuring possession Two-faced, real and solid Scored and fragile The air moistens, his arm is drawn back Excited shore winds carry his arc Piercing, twinkling stars break his grip One last flight for the wounded Gliding Skipping

Onutė and the Oak Tree

Onutė left the house early with her brother Antanas. Their mother had sent them to gather wild mushrooms and berries, typical of the Dzukija region in southern Lithuania. These they hoped to sell to highway travellers. If they made enough money, Father had promised, they would all travel to the Kaziukas fair next sunday. Onutė loved the fair. It was an arts and crafts fair organized every year on the sunday before St Casimir’s Day - the patron saint of Lithuania.

Coffee Pot

I scratch a long nail across my chin as I contemplate the blank page before me. The words are on vacation, out of the office. Frustrated, I knead my temple, trying to coax them back to me. My skin is taught, over stretched. Outside a lawnmower, churning its way over my neighbour’s lawn, drones against my thoughts. I need to cut that nail. The white space bleeds onto my eyes. Lazy Sunday.

Sassy Weather

Create a short story with dialogue based on exchanges you overhear between two people. - Writing 101 Prompt Goodbye Taunton. Thank you for your hospitality. Away from the station, as the train picks up speed, I’m treated to a glorious view: Somerset’s fertile landscape stretches away on either side to the horizon. I’m looking back the way we’ve come so each new reveal is a delight. Lush green little hillocks rise and fall on either side.

Undergraduate Dissertation - The Affect of Sound Visualisations on deaf gamers' experience of mood in videogames

Project Journal here Abstract  This research explores an alternative approach to captions as an accessibility provision for deaf gamers, in the form of sound visualisations, and how these can convey mood. This project has been informed by ideas from Richard A. van Tol, and the theories of Donald Norman, Michel Chion and Kristine Jorgensen. Through self-completion questionnaires and user testing, the aim is to put into practice these theories to realise an approach towards designing sound visualisations that is beneficial to all gamers, regardless of ability.