Plans and Procrastinations

During breakfast yesterday I happened to mention to Lizzie that I didn’t understand Bullet Journals, and so began a long, animated discussion about what they are, how they work and explanations of examples from¬†Lizzie’s own Bullet Journal. From there I spent the rest of the day researching different styles and approaches. Needless to say I was SUPER EXCITED about the possibilities for organisation.. while I think Lizzie ultimately got fed up that I was spending all day on YouTube and Wordpress.

Getting Things Done

It’s Saturday morning afternoon and i’m sitting here sipping my first coffee of the day and - after the week i’ve just had - feeling somewhat.. dazed? I’ll openly admit I could use a little help when it comes to time management; however this working week has seen me pulled in all directions at once, attacking a big scary¬†mountain of tasks, leaving my poor grey cells more than a little frazzled. I survived, but barely.