#WeekendCoffeeShare: Poblano Edition

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If we were having coffee i’d tell you things are a bit more settled now. My mum is doing a lot better. She seems to be in a good mood overall and is gaining confidence and energy. Day by day she’s more like herself. I’ve been visiting for a long weekend so will be catching a flight home this evening, but it’s been good to be here. I’ve been attempting NanoPoblano but it’s been hard. My posts so far have been opportunistic: a movie we just watched, a flyer about my cousin’s book launch, a throwaway list, a mask I made.. I really need to plan better for the weeks ahead, especially as i’ll be away again next weekend. I’ve been under the weather for the last week or so and I guess generally feeling a little low. I’m just tired. Everything feels like an effort at the moment. I’m behind on my reading, but i’ve loved these posts from my fellow Tiny Peppers this past week. Maybe stop by and say hello?

How’s NanoPoblano going for you?

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