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It’s surprising to realise that I haven’t blogged for three years. So much has happened in that time, personally and professionally, that my online presence here has taken a backseat. Although i’m busier than ever, the current state of self-isolation means that - when I do have free time - i’m thinking about all the projects i’d like to do.

Breathing some new life into this blog is one of them, and i’m taking the opportunity to flex my web development muscles at the same time. My role as an Accessibility Consultant sees me inspecting website code regularly: Identifying issues and writing technical remediations. I’m reasonably technically-minded and wear lots of hats. Despite the critical voice in my head, i’m learning to accept that, actually, I know a little about a LOT when it comes to development.

Modern web development is forever evolving though and at times it feels like my knowledge is fragmented rather than a cohesive whole. We now have numerous CSS and JavaScript frameworks, package managers and module bundlers, transcompilers, CSS preprocessors, linters.. without a need to use these on a daily basis, i’m still learning what problems half of them aim to solve. That’s okay and i’m sure it’s the same for everyone, but i’d like to solidify my understanding of the basics and some not-so-basics.

I’m returning to the blog in the middle of migrating to a different platform (more on that later) so want to use this space to document my learning on that journey. I’d also still like to build on the areas I enjoyed writing the most so some past topics will remain: Travel, multimedia reviews, Project Ghibli. They were my favourites and hopefully yours too.

I’m still undecided whether there will be dedicated introspective posts here. It’s been a difficult year in terms of my mental health and, although i’m comfortable talking about it, i’m not sure I want that to be a focus for the blog. That said, I did previously find the #WeekendCoffeeShare hashtag a useful way to include musings that didn’t fit the structure I was trying to create so we shall see.

All this said, i’m mindful that I need to set realistic expectations for myself. My kryptonite is constantly setting high expectations for myself and then tearing myself down when I fall short. The aim has to be writing for pleasure and wellbeing, rather than obligation. Hopefully that will mean a regular routine, but I think it will mean shorter posts - and that’s okay.



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