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My wife sent me this link on Pinterest and it couldn’t be more true of where i’m at right now. As I write this, we’ve just finished watching three episodes of Jessica Jones on Netflix - Lizzie has caught up, whoop! - and i’ve set Spotify going with Michael Jackson’s Thriller album while I ‘work’ on the laptop and Lizzie plays with her phone. Chocolat has given up getting a look in and is now snoozing on a blanket under the T.V.

We all need a movie marathon in our pajamas every now and again. [..] But I _do_ want to discourage that mindless place we go, as we sit at our computers or on our phones at night that is halfway between work and procrastination.

My supposed hobbies include gaming, software development, genealogy, reading and arts and crafts to name a few. Truth be told though, i’ve known for a while that i’m more consumer than creator these days, even if I have a hard time admitting it to myself. I tell myself that I was so burnt out after university and that the slog of a day job saps my energy. But if my recent activity on this blog is anything to by, I can find the energy and focus to be creative when I want to be. I’ve just been lazy. As Daryl Lindsey says in the above article, social media and Netflix have taken over my free time. artisan I check my phone as soon as I wake - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress - and again on the train to work. They joke at my expense at work because i’m the first one on my phone at lunch. My argument is I get no reception in the building - I really don’t - and i’m just catching up with all that’s going on ‘out there’. Really though, i’m so addicted to social media i’m not living in the moment. As much as I love technology, and the major part it has played in my life, being surrounded with a smorgasbord of rich media like we are makes it too easy to sit on the sidelines and marvel at what everyone else is doing at the expense of our own opportunity to be creative. I am still creative deep down. I think everyone has the capacity to be in their own way and it need not necessarily be creating great artworks. You can use your creativity in the every day; be it in the way you approach an assignment, the way you decorate your house or the clothes you wear - goodness, I went through a phase of wearing  colourful odd socks just _because_ ;-) - we all have the imagination to make the ordinary extraordinary. happybirthday My volunteering is a large part of my creative outlet now. I throw myself into the silly games, dancing, singing and messy art sessions. I like that I can indulge my inner inventor /performer/artist there when I never seem to allow myself to elsewhere. I’m much more comfortable with ‘letting my hair down’ now than I ever have been before. The call to action in that article includes reading and drawing and I definitely want to challenge myself on those fronts in the coming year. I bought a stack of Sci-Fi books at a marketplace in the summer that I haven’t touched. I’ve loved series like Harry Potter, The Black Magician Trilogy and The Dresden Files, but I haven’t read anything for months. I doodle a little when inspiration strikes but nothing like I used to in my youth. I’m looking to set myself an ambitious project going forward. It may crash and burn but it’s a start right? Social Media will still play it’s part and is a great source of inspiration. I just need to wield it better.

What are your hobbies? What’s your outlet when inspiration strikes?

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