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Talented writer Revis Edgewater from 33 Grams of Blog leaves us spellbound this week with an original story based on a quote from my all time favourite book. This is his second part of our Cheer Pepper collaboration - the first can be found on his blog here.

“On the sea he wished to meet it, if meet it he must. He was not sure why this was, yet he had a terror of meeting the thing again on dry land. Out of the sea there rise storms and monsters, but no evil powers: evil is of earth.”

The winds blew into the sails, but not fast enough for his liking. As far as he was concerned, hurricane winds were welcomed, provided they pushed the boat farther away from what was chasing him. All around him, the boat’s crew went about their tasks. They were completely unaware of the danger that he had brought onto their vessel.

He was standing on the back deck, looking out over the boat’s wake. It was only a matter of time before the thing caught up with him. Whispered prayers left his lips to any deity that may have been listening. All he could hope was that his decision to make his run by sea was the correct one. Something deep inside of him said that it was, but he didn’t know where it came from. He had to get off the land.

“What seems to be troubling you,” the captain said, breaking his contemplations.

“Nothing, Captain,” he lied. “Just enjoying the wonderful view.”

At that, the grizzled, old man laughed. “Son, I’ve been sailing these parts since long before you were born. I know when someone’s running. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone.”

“If you knew I was running, why did you agree to take me aboard? Maybe what’s chasing me will put you in danger.”

“Perhaps, but you’re paying enough for me to take the risk. Besides, if you become that much of a danger to us, I’ll just have my crew throw you overboard.”

At the mention of danger, the skies around them began to darken. The winds slowed down. Thunder rumbled. His hand instinctively reached into his pocket and wrapped around the jewel. In seconds he knew it was over. It had found him.

Above him, the darkness began to swirl downward and take shape. The funnel cloud touched down on the deck twenty feet away from where he and the captain were standing. Every color of the rainbow pushed the darkness of the cloud away. When it was finished, a new prismatic being stood before them.

“You angered an elemental spirit,” the captain cried incredulously. “Are you wanting to die? Looks like you’ll be going for the swim I just talked about.”

“Captain, take your men below deck,” he instructed. “It’s here for me. I’ll take care of this.”

The captain barked to his crew to get below deck. Once he was sure that he had everybody, he took one last glance at his passenger before he joined them.

Now that they were alone, the elemental spirit stepped forward to tower over the man. “That jewel will not help you, boy,” it rasped in its odd voice. “Though many legends surround it, only one facet of them is true. It possesses no magical properties, but it is sacred to me. Give it back to me and I shall let you live.”

He was dumbstruck. He stood in amazement that he still loved. Elemental spirits were not known for their mercy. That’s when it hit him, the reason that he hadn’t been struck down yet. “You have no power here,” he posited.

The elemental spirit, now in the form of a multi-colored humanoid, had a face that remained passive. This emboldened him, now believing with every fiber if his being that he was right. “Out here, surrounded by water, the giver of life, your powers of death and destruction are useless. That’s why you haven’t killed me. Your evil doesn’t reach out here.”

“I was impressed with how you were able to steal that from me without my notice,” the elemental spirit responded. “I let you live because I was going to offer you a position working for me. After this display of stupidity, I know that you are not worthy.”

The elemental spirit raised its arm, loosing a gush of magical flames from its rainbow hand. Within moments, the thief was nothing but a pile of ash. Bending down, the elemental spirit picked up the still unblemished jewel. “Foolish mortal,” it muttered. “Evil is everywhere.”

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