The Recipe of Daniel

Prompted from this post by Sarah and in the spirit of the original, I present my recipe. Proper measurements not included because that would just be boring. Rules as follows:

How does the old saying go — girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice,” and boys are “snips and snails and puppy dog tails”?

Aside from not knowing what a “snip” is, I don’t buy it; we’re much more complex than lollipops and unicorns and toy trucks and frogs. This week, we want a window into the complexity that is you. We want your best recipes.

We don’t mean we want your best recipe for fried chicken (although we’ll take that, too — a good fried chicken recipe is always handy). We want the recipe for all the bits and pieces and quirks and foibles and loves that make you you.


The Recipe of Daniel
For the biscuit base
A large bowl of Helpfulness
Lashings of Patience
Twice as much Anxiety as necessary
A pint of Empathy
Equal parts Silliness and Seriousness
Oodles of Honesty
A dash of Creativity
A spoonful of Shyness


For the caramel and chocolate topping
A pair of Odd Socks
Gratings of untamed Facial Hair
5 Cups of Blue Shirts
A fistful of Converse
A hint of A Ponytail


Spread the biscuit mixture out in a quiet space, preferably a dark movie theatre showing the latest sci-fi or fantasy spectacle. If you don’t have one, a DVD will do fine. Line with pages from A Wizard of Earthsea.
Layer on the caramel slowly, allowing time for the mixture to expand into every corner of interest from animation to programming to games design to robotics to web design. Spread the melted chocolate on top evenly, right up against the anime and murder mysteries.
Leave to cool at the back of the fridge with classic point n’ click adventure games. Once a week feed with BSL and sign-song. Serve with Jack Daniels and fabulous friends.



Making Felix Morton


I was invited to a fancy dress party last weekend so thought i’d do something a little different and go as Felix Morton from one of my favourite adventure games, The Dream Machine. I made one of them Instructable thingys too;-)


A box to call home

In the long, drawn out embarrassment that is my attempt to finish a custom WordPress theme, one thing I keep coming back to is my choice of categories.

Up until now, and for the foreseeable future, this blog has been somewhat of a catch-all for all my interests – games, technology, software, the internet, robotics, sci-fi, fantasy, reading, writing, animation, 3D modelling -, the list goes on and on. An unfortunate side effect of this rabble, is the lack of a directed focus overall.
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The Mac Returns

I mentioned in the last post that my Mac died on me. Well it was a slow and painful death. Oh how I wept!

Okay, it didn’t actually get to the ‘dead’ stage before I sent it off for reincarnation. Suffice to say I discovered my hard drive was on its way out when my latest backup failed due to an ‘invalid root node’ error. Cue much cursing and biting of nails as I tried in vain to fix it before discovering it was a hardware problem after all.
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WordPress 3.0 is here!

I’ll review the new features in more detail soon, but it’s looking very nice indeed. I particularly like the new child themes method for creating themes (you can base themes on parent themes, only changing what’s needed), the custom menus, and the custom post types (really custom ‘content’ – see here for good examples). You can read all about the new changes on the WordPress blog.

This is just the jolt I need to finish my own cutom theme (i’m SO sick of the green now). It has actually been 95% done for ages now, but my final year at Uni has really taken precedence over my ‘projects.’ I recently started working on it again, but a recent hard-drive failure has meant i’ve had to put it on hold=( With the arrival of WP 3.0 though, I think i’ll start from scratch as soon as i’m able. I should be able to get something up soon.

Sorry, just a quick post today, but i’ll post again soon with what i’ve been up to.



I still live…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been slaving away day and night to try and finish my dissertation prototype for Uni. I’m seriously running out of time now. I also have to do some work for our Wolf project that i’d promised by tomorrow. I’m really feeling burn’t out at the moment, i’ve spent the last hour or so just web-surfing to take my mind off things.
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“We want war, wake up!”…

…Apparently. Although it still sounds like “Vive La France”…*something German*… to me (I know, I know, of course it doesn’t, but that’s what I hear!). If you’re a bit lost, allow me to elaborate: Thanks to the almighty connectedness that is Twitter, i’ve been gifted with the knowledge that EA are allowing you to download the first three Command and Conquer real-time strategy games for FREE. I absolutely loved Command and Conquer in my youth, so this is news worth celebrating.
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New Year’s Resolutions

Sorry for my absence of late, i’ve had lots of ideas for posts but none of the energy needed to write them up. Must try harder.

So, what’s been happening? Well for starters Christmas came and went rather quickly. We were without heating for a week up until Christmas due to a problem with the gas main. A burst water pipe got into the system and about 1,000 homes in the area were affected. They set up an information centre in the local school and gave out free fan heaters. We had an extended family Christmas meal just before Christmas and ended up cooking most of the vegetables on a Calor gas camping stove on the back doorstep. Thankfully the oven is electric. We finally got switched back on on Christmas morning.
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