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Make, Do and Learn

Let’s breathe some life into the old blog with some lists.. Haven’t done those in awhile.

This year the purse strings are understandably tight, but there’s always next year. Things I plan to..


A game.

Any game. Geez, just make use of my degree already! I think I will be able to chalk this one off this year but let’s etch it on here to my eternal shame.


I still love games but I also get my kicks with new software, especially on iDevices. I’ve learned a lot about Apple’s development environment and I have more than a few projects in mind. Time to finally put it to use.

A website.

The new website for my creations. I’ve had the domain name for well over a year but I’m too afraid to put it up until I have something to show for it. Time’s a waisting..


Long overdue and another interest that’s never received the attention it deserves. I really don’t do arts and crafty stuff enough. Time to get away from the computer and get my hands dirty.


Well, why not? I used to way back in the day but my drawing skills need dusting off. I have one of those Picture A Day books – maybe time to dig it out for starters..


I’ve been fascinated by AI and robotics since I watched all those movies like Wargames, Short Circuit, Terminator etc. With kits like Arduino this stuff is so accessible and full of possibilities.


Visit Japan.

I haven’t been beyond Europe except New York last year and there’s sooo many places I still want to see. Japan is top of my list. Fascinating culture and so much tech to geek out over.


A lot of walking. I’m still proud of my solo drunken ramble from central London to home. Need to get fit and do some serious walking and see some nice scenery. Maybe visit a mountain or too. I feel very creative and invigorated after getting out in the fresh air.



I really do have an interest in photography, I’m just too shy to get my phone/camera out. Hope to take more pics though – Liz has convinced me to try Instagram – and save up for a proper DSLR and take some courses. I’m not planning to be a Photographer any time soon, but I love learning new things and it can’t hurt to brighten up the place around here a little.


No, seriously. If I’m ever to go to Japan, I promise myself I’ll at least attempt to learn a bit of the language. Wouldn’t hurt to brush up on my French and Spanish too.

Yep. That’ll do for starters.

Making Felix Morton

Making Felix Morton

I was invited to a fancy dress party last weekend so thought i’d do something a little different and go as Felix Morton from one of my favourite adventure games, The Dream Machine. Below is the end result, and I made one of them Instructable thingys too;-)  

A box to call home

In the long, drawn out embarrassment that is my attempt to finish a custom WordPress theme, one thing I keep coming back to is my choice of categories. Up until now, and for the foreseeable future, this blog has been somewhat of a catch-all for all my interests – games, technology, software, the internet, robotics,Continue Reading

The Mac Returns

I mentioned in the last post that my Mac died on me. Well it was a slow and painful death. Oh how I wept! Okay, it didn’t actually get to the ‘dead’ stage before I sent it off for reincarnation. Suffice to say I discovered my hard drive was on its way out when myContinue Reading

WordPress 3.0 is here!

I’ll review the new features in more detail soon, but it’s looking very nice indeed. I particularly like the new child themes method for creating themes (you can base themes on parent themes, only changing what’s needed), the custom menus, and the custom post types (really custom ‘content’ - see here for good examples). You canContinue Reading

I still live…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been slaving away day and night to try and finish my dissertation prototype for Uni. I’m seriously running out of time now. I also have to do some work for our Wolf project that i’d promised by tomorrow. I’m really feeling burn’t out at the moment, i’veContinue Reading

“We want war, wake up!”…

…Apparently. Although it still sounds like “Vive La France”…*something German*… to me (I know, I know, of course it doesn’t, but that’s what I hear!). If you’re a bit lost, allow me to elaborate: Thanks to the almighty connectedness that is Twitter, i’ve been gifted with the knowledge that EA are allowing you to downloadContinue Reading

It’s finally happened…

I’ve finally done it, been sucked into the evil that is Facebook. It crept up so silently too with an innocent little thought: “why not join Facebook to reach a wider audience for my dissertation?” and before you know it I was at the FB homepage giving away my life story. Okay, bit of anContinue Reading

“The internet in your hands”

Dreams do come true. I’ve been neglecting my news reading lately so this one came as a bit of a shock this morning. Apple has finally unveiled it’s multi-touch tablet, the iPad. Oh my god! While some are already criticising the iPad for what it isn’t – in some cases dismissing it as a glorifiedContinue Reading

Lil’ update

Best laid plans and all that..well, the project has started: I’m almost halfway through development of one of the first games, and in just over 2 hours, so a good start. But the aforementioned trip home is looming so i’ll have to put it on hold for now. I’ll use the break to focus onContinue Reading