Barking up the wrong tree..

Sound on Screen

I’ve been thinking lately that I’d like to return to my dissertation topic, What is the affect of sound visualisations on deaf gamers’ experience of mood in videogames? I still feel that sound visualisations in games have potential, I just don’t feel I did it justice first time around. At the time, I found itContinue Reading

Make, Do and Learn

Let’s breathe some life into the old blog with some lists.. Haven’t done those in awhile. This year the purse strings are understandably tight, but there’s always next year. Things I plan to.. Make A game. Any game. Geez, just make use of my degree already! I think I will be able to chalk thisContinue Reading


It’s been a long time coming but i’ve finally decided to overhaul my blog. I’ve been using the awesome Headway theme design tool for awhile now, but I haven’t really used it to create anything i’m happy with. My previous designs for the blog always ran out of steam when it came to creating a header,Continue Reading

Making Felix Morton

Making Felix Morton

I was invited to a fancy dress party last weekend so thought i’d do something a little different and go as Felix Morton from one of my favourite adventure games, The Dream Machine. Below is the end result, and I made one of them Instructable thingys too;-)  

A box to call home

In the long, drawn out embarrassment that is my attempt to finish a custom WordPress theme, one thing I keep coming back to is my choice of categories. Up until now, and for the foreseeable future, this blog has been somewhat of a catch-all for all my interests – games, technology, software, the internet, robotics,Continue Reading

The Mac Returns

I mentioned in the last post that my Mac died on me. Well it was a slow and painful death. Oh how I wept! Okay, it didn’t actually get to the ‘dead’ stage before I sent it off for reincarnation. Suffice to say I discovered my hard drive was on its way out when myContinue Reading

WordPress 3.0 is here!

I’ll review the new features in more detail soon, but it’s looking very nice indeed. I particularly like the new child themes method for creating themes (you can base themes on parent themes, only changing what’s needed), the custom menus, and the custom post types (really custom ‘content’ - see here for good examples). You canContinue Reading

I still live…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been slaving away day and night to try and finish my dissertation prototype for Uni. I’m seriously running out of time now. I also have to do some work for our Wolf project that i’d promised by tomorrow. I’m really feeling burn’t out at the moment, i’veContinue Reading

“We want war, wake up!”…

…Apparently. Although it still sounds like “Vive La France”…*something German*… to me (I know, I know, of course it doesn’t, but that’s what I hear!). If you’re a bit lost, allow me to elaborate: Thanks to the almighty connectedness that is Twitter, i’ve been gifted with the knowledge that EA are allowing you to downloadContinue Reading

It’s finally happened…

I’ve finally done it, been sucked into the evil that is Facebook. It crept up so silently too with an innocent little thought: “why not join Facebook to reach a wider audience for my dissertation?” and before you know it I was at the FB homepage giving away my life story. Okay, bit of anContinue Reading